Can I fly to any airport?
Normally we will fly you direct to the airport of your choice. However, we may need to look at different airports on the same location due to operational restrictions.
What about food and refreshments?
You may choose your onboard menu from a wide selection that includes Portuguese, Madeiran or International cuisine.
Additionally, you are welcome to request additional items to accompany your meals such as Beluga caviar, truffles or wine.
If you choose not to order meals in advance we will provide a menu with a minimum of 2 choices on board.
How soon can I fly?
Reserve your flight 24 hours in advance. We are available 24/7 and provide full privacy, hassle free and time saving flexible travel solutions.
What about visas & vaccinations?
Outside the EU a valid Visa might be required by local Governments. If flying to Africa certain countries will enforce a vaccination program. We will inform you about any requirements.
What is the check-in procedure?
We are still dealing with our local authorities to secure a speedier access, however, we can provide you with a full time assistant/escort from Madjet whilst inside the airport perimeter.
How can I settle my account?
We will provide a quote; further to its acceptance a short contract must be signed. In some situations an advance deposit might be requested.